What is Enema

Enema is the procedure in which saline water is injected up into the colon via the rectum. One of the most common uses of enema is to ease out constipation and to clear the bowels before performing a medical examination. When the solution is injected up the colon it creates a certain pressure and the fecal matter along with the enema solution is flushed out of the system. Enemas are better performed under the guidance of a medical practitioner but can also be performed at home on your own as well.

When do you need an enema?

The most common problem for which enemas are administered is constipation. Constipation is one common gastrointestinal condition which commonly occurs in both men and women. This condition may occur either due to certain lifestyle disorders or when the colon fails to get rid of the waste via the rectum. People suffering from constipation will usually have three or even lesser bowel movement in a week.

An enema is most commonly used to clear the bowel and is considered as the last resort to treat chronic constipation. An enema may also be administered before performing a medical examination such as colonoscopy, etc.

Types of enemas:

There are several types of enemas the most common ones being:

  • Saline enema
  • Mineral oil enema
  • Barium enema

The purpose of an enema is to flush out all the fecal matter from the rectum. Constipation, headaches, backaches and fatigue may be relieved with regular practice of cleansing enemas.


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