What are the benefits of performing an enema at home

If you don’t already know what an enema is, then it is the process where a saline solution or filtered water is introduced into the rectum via a tube to soften the accumulated waste in the colon and then expel it out. Our colon plays a crucial part in the process of digestion and extracting all the nutrients required by the body from the food. The colon also gets rid of water from the digested food and the rest of the waste is removed from the body in the form of stool and feces.


There are several types of enemas, coffee enemas being the most popular one. The coffee enema is known as an effective treatment for getting rid of toxins. There are particular compounds in coffee which when introduced in the liver, it produces glutathione which acts as a detoxifier. It binds all the toxins, which are later removed along with the enema solution.

Benefits of performing an enema at home

One of the major advantages of performing an enema at home is that you can be completely at ease. Sometimes when you are getting an enema performed at a clinic or hospital, you, may get a little uncomfortable. Once you have performed enema at home a few times you will be able to perform it with complete ease.

Below we have mentioned some of the amazing health benefits you will experience after performing an enema at home:

1. Boosts energy, improve circulation and relieves insomnia– When your body is free of all the toxins, it does not require a lot of energy to flush out the wastes from the intestines. With an improved blood circulation, you feel more energetic and get better sleep at night.

2. Improves concentration- When there is a toxic buildup in the colon, the body fails to get the required nutrients to function properly. An at home enema clears up the toxic buildup from your colon and allows it to absorb the essential minerals from the food, thus resulting in alertness, better focus and improved overall health.

3. Great way to start a weight loss journey- An average human colon is designed to hold up to 8 meals before getting started with the digestion process. Regular enemas help clear the intestinal tract waste quickly, reduce toxins and bloating, improves metabolism and helps to lose weight easily.

4. Reduces the risk of colon cancer- Toxins get accumulated in the body via the drinks, food and skin absorption and are processed by the gastrointestinal system and liver. If these toxins are left in the body and are not eliminated, they may result in cysts, polyps and cancerous growth in the colon. An enema cleanse is a fast and easy way to cleanse and get rid of all the harmful toxins from the body before they can damage it.

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