Enema Health Benefits and Potential Risks

Enema is the process of stimulating the bowels to ease constipation and cleanse the digestive tract. This colon cleansing practice is nothing new and has been prevalent since the ancient Egyptian era. In fact, during those days copper was not just used for treating constipation but also to cure other health-related ailments such as intestinal worms and fever. But before you sit down to decide if enemas are good for you or not, here are some health benefits and risks associated with enema.

What is an enema?

Enema is a colon cleansing procedure during which a cleansing saline solution or medicated enema solution is injected (with the help of an enema kit) into the rectum via anus to reach your colon. Once the fluid is injected, it is required to be retained for the stipulated time which mostly lasts for a few minutes and then the fecal matter can be expelled along with the liquid. This method helps to push the accumulated waste out of the colon and eases constipation as well as detoxifies the digestive system.

Enemas are usually used as the last resort to treat constipation and are mostly recommended to those who do not respond well to dietary and lifestyle changes, medicines, laxatives, etc.



The detoxification part of enema is still under a lot of speculations as it is not yet proven scientifically. Although there are a lot of people who swear by the use of it, there are no proven facts to support these claims. For instance, coffee enema is one of the favorites of people who like to perform regular enemas. Coffee enema lovers claim that it increases their energy level, helps with depression, lighten up the mood, etc.

And that’s not all it does. Supposedly, enemas also help with losing excess weight as you expel a lot of accumulated waste from the body.


Enema may have its own benefits but there are also a lot of risks associated with it as well especially when you are performing it without any professional supervision at home. Enemas may often lead to side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Also, there are chances that you might hurt yourself while inserting the enema nozzle or tube.

An enema here and there is unlikely to cause much harm to the body, but when performed repeatedly it may disrupt the natural capability of the body to absorb minerals. It may also create dependency on enemas to have a regular bowel movement.


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