How to Perform a Wheatgrass Enema

Wheatgrass enema is just like a coffee enema which has a detoxifying effect on the body and releases nutrients that the body can use. Wheatgrass is often consumed as a detoxifying drink and when used as an enema it helps with detoxifying the gut.

All you need to do is extract fresh wheatgrass juice from around 2 ounces of wheatgrass and add it to your enema water for a soothing enema. You will most definitely feel the purifying action of wheatgrass enema upon the colon and liver. You will also notice that your energy level has increased abundantly thanks to the nutrients entering the bloodstream directly.

If you can’t find fresh wheatgrass, you can also use wheatgrass powder or pre-made wheatgrass juice which is readily available in the market. The premade products are just as good as the original wheatgrass so don’t hesitate to try them. When you go out to get the wheatgrass powder and you see a yellow-green powder, don’t get it. This is not a quality product. A potent and high-quality wheatgrass powder is deep rich green in color and has a strong grass odor to it.

Wheatgrass enemas are completely safe and an excellent way to balance the pH level of the body. Wheatgrass enemas have been used for more than five decades to treat health ailments associated with a toxic colon and liver or immune deficiency diseases.

How to perform a wheatgrass enema

1 Tsp. wheatgrass powder = 1 Ounce wheatgrass juice

Just add ¼ – ½ tsp. of wheatgrass powder to 2 quarts of warm filtered water. It is recommended to start with a small quantity of wheatgrass powder and slowly increase the quantity. The rest of the procedure is just like performing a normal enema. You can either use a rubber bag enema bag kit or stainless steel enema kit for performing the procedure.

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