Uses and Advantages of Enema

Enema is the procedure used for getting rid of the accumulated waste in the colon. Although there are no scientific facts to support the various suggested benefits of enema, it is a fairly popular practice among individuals. Enema involves the introduction of water or some other enema solution into the colon via the rectum. The solution is meant to be retained for the stipulated time after which the solution along with all the fecal matter. Enema is mainly used for easing constipation but there are also other benefits of performing enema.

Benefits of enema

The main objective of enema is to get rid of the harmful toxins from the body which our body fails to get rid of through the natural process. This next level elimination process of fecal matter from the body not only treats constipation but also gets rid of all the toxins from the body through this method. Though enema does help in getting rid of constipation, the suggested claims of removing toxins from the body using an enema kit are yet to be proven.


There are some other claims about enema as well according to which enema helps release tension and ease out tensed up nerves during constipation. Along with that, it is also claimed that enema helps with preventing issues such as colon cancer

Other common advantages of enema

Other common claims about the physical benefits of colon cleansing are the elimination of parasites living in the body along with the toxins, enhanced skin, weight loss, stronger immunity and reduction in symptoms of allergy. As far as mental health is concerned, enema recipients claimed that their anxiety and depression level was reduced. But the chances are that the positive results on the mental state were the result of relief from constipation and not because of the detoxification.

To conclude it, we can say that an enema may have a positive impact on the mental health of the recipient but the underlying reasons are different from those assumed by the recipient.


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