How to Choose the Perfect Enema Kit for at Home Enemas

There are mainly three types of enema kits available in the market namely- rubber enema bag kits, stainless steel enema kits and enema bulbs. Out of the three enema bag kits and stainless steel enema kits are the most popular with enema lovers. These kits usually come with all the accessories you need to perform the enema. But while you are looking for the perfect enema kit on the market, there are a lot of things that you may want to consider before getting an enema kit.

  • Enema kits or enema equipment should be reusable as this saves you a lot of money. Make sure to store the enema bags properly and clean them thoroughly between uses.
  • The ideal enema bag should be an easy to fill enema bag or bucket of 1-2 liter capacity.
  • It is better to avoid tubing that is made of latex and rubber as a lot of people are allergic to
  • Don’t expect an enema bag to last for more than a year. In fact, if you are someone who performs enema regularly then you must invest in a stainless steel enema kit.
  • Avoid getting enema bags which do not have a wide-mouthed opening so that you can see the inside condition of the bottle.
  • The hose or the tube which carries the liquid to the colon should be transparent so that you can see the liquid passing through the tube while using it.
  • The enema kit must have a pinch clamp or tube clamp which helps to regulate the flow of fluid. At first most of these may feel a little stiff use but eventually, they loosen up a bit.
  • The circumference of the enema nozzle should not be more than that of a thin pen.

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