How to Perform a Garlic Enema

Colon cleansing may not sound like a very pleasant experience for a lot of people who have never performed a colon cleanse in their life before. Colon cleanses are not only important for getting rid of constipation but also for the removal of parasites present in the colon or gut. In fact, in the US 85% of the entire population is affected by these parasites. But we never do anything to get rid of them and just keep on feeding those unwanted creatures.

Colon cleansing with garlic

The human colon is very long, almost 1.6 meters and works as a processing/storage facility for stools. This is enough to make you understand that it is a breeding ground for diseases and inflammation. Enemas are one of the most common practices used for cleansing the colon. Regular colonic practitioners and various websites would tell you that there is a lot of waste sitting in your colon and you need to get rid of it. But there are a lot of additives which you can add to your enema, one of which is garlic.

Garlic enema recipe

1. In a pan, boil a liter of filtered water.

2. Turn off the flame and leave the pot on the stove.

3. Add three to six crushed garlic cloves to the boiled water

4. Allow the water to cool down until it reaches room temperature.

5. Strain the water to get rid of the garlic cloves.

6. Transfer this strained clove enema solution to your rubber enema bag kit or stainless steel enema can.

7. Administer the garlic enema as you would with a regular enema. Hold it for 10-15 minutes and then release the contents in the toilet.

8. Do not go out of the house after performing the enema as you will get the urge to go to the toilet several times.

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