Lesser Known Benefits of Coffee Enema for Women

Coffee enemas have a lot of health-related benefits both physical and psychological. But apart from easing constipation, coffee enemas can help you with a lot of other benefits as well especially for women. Though easing out constipation and detoxification are the most common benefits of enema, there are some side benefits to it as well.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles- In women, it is common that after having a baby the pelvic floor muscles get loosened up. This makes it difficult for women to control their bladder as they used to before having babies. Activities such as laughing, coughing, sneezing, running, etc. may often turn into embarrassing moments. Kegel exercises are often recommended to improve the muscle strength but no only really practice those. But coffee enemas provide you with dual benefits: cleaner colon and tighter pelvic muscles. When you hold an enema, you use your pelvic floor muscles to do that. Performing enema regularly is a great way to tone and train your pelvic muscles every day.

Crystal clear skin- The deep cleansing effect of coffee enema helps with getting you a crystal clear skin you always dreamt of. And we are not talking about just your face; it clears up almost any part of the body. So even if you are suffering body acne or back acne, you are definitely going to get visible results.

Well hydrated system- Drinking a whole lot of water and water-based liquids such as soups, herbal tea, lemonade and obviously, water, is the best way to keep yourself hydrated at all times. There are chances that you are dehydrated and don’t even know about it. When you perform a coffee enema, sometimes you may not release as much water as you have administered. This is because your colon has absorbed the water from the enema as your body needed it.

Reduced menstrual pain and fatigue- The pain reducing qualities of enema were discovered during the World War I. Legend has it that during World War I, a nurse accidentally poured coffee instead of water in a patient’s enema bag kit. After getting coffee enema the patient experienced great relief from the pain. If you are among those women who experience cramps or pain during their menstrual cycle, definitely try a coffee enema to reduce the pain, fatigue and discomfort caused during this time.

Some peace and quiet time- Enemas are pretty relaxing on their own; but if you are looking for some peace and quiet time, you should definitely try performing enemas regularly. When you perform an enema you have at least 20-25 minutes to yourself. You can utilize that time to read a book, listen to music, go through your social media accounts or just relax.

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