Things you Need to Consider Before Performing an Enema

Enema has been used for centuries as an effective healing and cleansing practice. Enema is a practice which is supported by both allopathic and alternative medicines. Even the 5000-year-old medical science, Ayurveda, mentions and uses enema as a cleansing technique. But even with all these recommendations, there are certain things which you need to know before performing an enema session.

1. The benefits of performing an enema- Given the western diet, there are a lot of people who get stuffed up on the inside and eventually the back side. When you are stuffed with toxins on the inside and things aren’t moving, you may feel a lot of stress on your liver. All this toxicity gets transferred to the other organs of the body as your system tries to get rid of it. The difference between an enema and colonic is that enema can be performed at the comfort of your home but for a colonic, you have to visit a reliable professional who is a trained to give you a colonic.

The enema kit comprises if a small nozzle which is used for administering the enema solution. The enema solution administered is held for a few minutes before evacuating the enema contents along with the fecal matter into the bathroom.

2. How to perform an at-home enema with additives- The first thing which you want to make sure is that the water is not too hot to burn your inside. Dip your hand in the water to be sure of the temperature. If it’s too hot for your hand it is probably too hot for your internal body parts as well. Cold water is not helpful as it unable to break down all the plaque or gunk collected in your colon. When it comes to enema additives, there are a lot of options you get to try.

A wheatgrass is a great option for those who are facing some health-related issues. When used as a colon cleaner it not supports your gut but the body also absorbs a lot of its nutrients immediately to support the body.

Coffee enema is also one of the most popular types of enema among enema enthusiasts. Coffee enema was made popular by Dr. Max Gerson who used it as a part of his alternate therapy for treating cancer. Coffee enema is mostly used as a detoxifier by many people.


3. How safe is home enemas- Enemas are very safe to perform at home and is pretty easy as well. You just need to be careful when performing the enema. For instance, when you are inserting the colon tip be extra careful and gentle while doing it. Use only filtered water and make sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. There are no serious dangers as long as you follow the correct instructions and be careful. Slight discomfort is common with enemas but if you experience severe pain at any point, stop the procedure and call your doctor immediately.

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