Top 10 Risks Associated with Coffee Enemas

There is no scientific evidence to prove that a coffee enema helps in detoxifying the liver, gallbladder and bowel. The Gerson Therapy suggests daily enema sessions as an alternative treatment to cure cancer. This notion is not only unproven but it is also dangerous to encourage people to forgo proper medication and treatment.

The top 10 risks associated with coffee enema are as follows:

1. Insertion of an alien object into the anus may result in anal injury.

2. An additive such as coffee is not proven to get you any superior results when compared to a plain saline enema.

3. Reusable enema kits (even though sterilized) may carry bacteria and result in infections.

4. Performing enema sessions too often may result in dehydration.

5. A coffee enema may sometimes accidentally lead to serious burns or ulcers.

6. Repetitive use of coffee enema may cause electrolyte imbalance in the body.

7. People with caffeine sensitivity and pregnant women should steer clear of coffee enemas.

8. The caffeine from coffee enema may result in caffeine addiction.

9. Excessive use of a device such as an enema kit which temporarily works up the nerves of the colon may lead to a defective bowel movement.

10. There is no way that the colonic solution would help get rid of cancer-causing toxins. All it will do is create watery stools and evoke the urge to go to the toilet which will release fecal matter even from the last few inches of the lower bowel. But in any case, do not avoid the needed medical attention from a suitable practitioner even when using coffee enemas.

But these dangers are completely avoidable if adequate precautions are taken care of. But make sure to take all the precautionary steps while performing the procedure. Make sure to lubricate the anal area as well as the enema nozzle well with petroleum jelly to avoid any sort of discomfort or injury. Make sure that the coffee is neither too hot nor too cold before administering it. Also, don’t go overboard with the number of enemas you perform. An enema every week or ten days is more than enough to get the detoxification done.

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