An Enema Bag for Everyone- Different Types of Enema Bags

When you look in the market, there is a number of enema equipment available and there is something for everyone. So, when you are looking for suitable enema equipment, it depends mainly on your preference. But if you are a newbie trying it out for the first time, it is best to stick with the basic travel douche enema to get started.

Closed or bottle enema- This one looks like a hot water bottle and comes with a hose, clamp, a couple of nozzles, colon tip and hook. These are available in different materials such as rubber latex and silicone, etc. but are meant to be used in the same manner.

Higginson enema- This one is like a combination of a rectal enema bulb and a bottle enema kit. Dip one end of the enema syringe in a container filled with water or attach it with a tubetap. Prepare yourself to administer the enema and lubricate the anal cavity. Insert the enema tube into the rectum. Start pumping the water gently in order to maintain a regular flow. Stop when enough water is administered.

Bulb enema- The bulb enema equipment is great for a quick enema session and is best used for kids. You can get them in different sizes depending on your requirement. The enema bulb comprises of two pieces i.e. the bulb and the nozzle which makes it easier to clean.

Implant equipment- Implant equipment is syringe-like equipment which comes with a long rectal tube which helps with injecting the enema much deeper than 3 inches. The implant equipment is reusable and very easy to clean.

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