Know all the Components of your Home Enema Kit

Before you start with your first enema session, it is important to know enema kit very well. If you are using a    rubber enema bag kit or stainless steel enema can, it is better to have a thorough knowledge of all the components as there are too many of them. Depending on which one you select, your rubber or stainless steel enema kit will come with the following accessories:

• Rubber enema bag/stainless steel can

• Enema hose

• Enema straight-in nozzle

• Enema douche nozzle

• Enema colon tip/catheter

• Enema pinch clamp

• Enema hook

• Enema disposable sheets

A complete enema kit should come with all the above-mentioned accessories. Each component has a crucial role to play and thus each one has its own importance.

1. Rubber enema bag/stainless steel can- The rubber enema bag or stainless steel can is used for holding the enema solution. Rubber enema bags and stainless steel enema cans are the most popular types of enema kits available in the market and are preferred by masses.

2. Enema hose- The use of the enema hose is to carry the enema solution to the nozzle. One end of the hose is fixed to the enema bag/can and the other end is fixed to the nozzle.

3. Enema straight-in nozzle- The enema straight-in nozzle is the part which is inserted in the rectum area while giving the enema.

4. Enema douche nozzle– The douche nozzle or fountain nozzle is basically used for feminine hygiene (vaginal cleansing). But some people also use it for colon cleansing as for them it stays in place for longer and also helps with a deeper penetration.

5. Enema colon tip/catheter- Those who seek a deeper enema, should use a catheter. The catheter is attached to the enema nozzle (from the conical side) and the tube is inserted deep into the rectum to administer the solution.

6. Enema pinch clamp- Enema pinch clamp is used to control the flow of the solution. The pinch clamp is fixed onto the enema hose and is used to increase or decrease the flow of the enema solution.

7. Enema hook- The enema hook is used to hang the enema bag on a towel rack or someplace high. This ensures proper flow of the solution through the enema tube.

8. Enema disposable sheet- This one is an optional component, as your enema kit may or may not come with it. Enemas are a messy affair; using a disposable enema sheet speeds up the cleaning process afterward.

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