Potential Damages Coffee Enema May Cause You

Enema is the process of clearing up the bowels by injecting fluids via the rectum. Enema helps with the detoxification process and can be performed using different types of enema solutions and enema equipment. Enemas are mainly used for easing out constipation as well as for the purpose of detoxification. It is majorly safe to perform regular enemas, but coffee enemas are a little different. Despite the multiple benefits of coffee enema, it has some potential risks associated with it as well. These may include:

• The enema nozzle or colon tube may damage the rectal tissues. However, this may also happen while performing a normal enema as well.

• You may get addicted to coffee enemas. This may happen due to the presence of caffeine in the coffee beans.

• If you are not careful enough and end up using very coffee, it may cause serious internal burns. You may think that it is barely possible to administer hot liquids, as you will feel it almost immediately. But the truth is, three to four inches deep into your rectum, where the tube is inserted, the nerve endings are very less. This is the reason why you cannot feel it much until the damage is done.

• Excessive use of coffee enema is reported to create an electrolyte imbalance which in some cases may even prove fatal. Coffee enema causes an electrolyte misbalance which is required to be balanced by drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

• Reusing the equipment without proper sterilization may increase your chances of getting a bacterial infection.

• It may have adverse effects on people who are caffeine sensitive and may also be dangerous to pregnant women.

• Using the enema too often may sometimes lead to dehydration.

Coffee enema may sometimes lead to the development of heart palpitation. It may also prove to be fatal if neglected and continued with the enema. Heart palpitations are supposed to be the result of toxins released during the detoxification process. But some people suggest that it can be maintained by eating fiber-rich food items 30 minutes before performing the enema. However, it is suggested that one should not proceed with the enema session if palpitation keeps getting worse.

That being said, coffee enema is still a popular choice for clearing the gut of any accumulated waste content and toxins. If performed with all necessary precaution, it is unlikely to cause any damage.

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