The Power of Cold Enemas

The application of cold to the interior of the bowel is one of the most powerful means of stimulation which is safe enough to use. Half a pint of water at 50 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to create a strong and painful contraction in the lower bowel. This is why it is important to start with a moderately low temperature of 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can slowly be lowered by five to ten degrees on each application and can go up to even 40 degrees. But such low temperatures are barely required, except in the case of dysentery.

Cold enemas are used in special cases where the colon has dilated and has lost its normal muscle tone or strength, i.e. it contracts with insufficient force to expel the wastes. In such cases, a hot or warm enema is first retained, followed by half a pint of cold water (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit). This leads to a sudden contraction in the bowel and results in a sudden eruption of the fecal matter out of the colon. It is a very crucial practical use of the cold enema, as the retention of water in cases where the bowel is filled with decomposing fecal matter is most of the times followed by a number of unpleasant and even serious effects. A hot enema may bring large quantities of toxins in contact with the absorbing surface of the bowel; this is why hot enemas should be immediately followed by a cold enema.

Some of the cold enema recipes which you can try are as follows:

Alum enema- In cases where nothing else works to move the bowels promptly, alum has been found to be effective. To a quart of water, a teaspoonful of powdered alum is added to the water. To increase the effect even more, cold water (70 to 80 degree F) should be used.

The glycerine enema- Pure glycerin should be introduced into the rectum in a quantity of one to four ounces as an effective means of stimulating a bowel movement, by creating a defecating effect. If pure glycerin is found to cause too much irritation in the colon, it should be mixed with equal amount of water before administering.

The cold rectal douche- When cold water is introduced into the rectum with considerable force, it triggers a powerful stimulation. The temperature of the water should be 70-80 degree Fahrenheit. If the ordinary fountain douche fails to offer the required force for this, an enema bulb syringe is necessary to be used.

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