Try Enema for these Amazing Benefits

An enema is a procedure which purportedly clears out the impacted fecal matter out of the colon. There is no scientific data to prove the supposed benefits of enema, but that does not make it any less popular. The enemas can be performed in one of the two ways either in the forms: washing the colon directly (i.e. high colonics) and supplements in the form of powder or liquid. The water flushed into the rectum is flushed out of the rectum eventually. While the main benefit of enema is to provide relief from constipation, there are some other benefits which you get with an enema.

The main aim of an enema is to cleanse the colon and get rid of all the harmful toxins which may have been left behind in the body due to insufficient elimination. A deeper elimination of the fecal matter helps to minimize the chances of constipation and gets rid of the toxins present in the colon. Though it is true that enema does help with getting rid of constipation immediately, the claim of flushing toxins is not yet proven.

It is also said that apart from the actual colon, enemas are also said to relieve the nervous system, which also gets affected adversely during the period of constipation. Apart from that, any claims suggesting that enemas prevent colon cancer are yet to be proven medically.

Benefits of enema other than colon cleansing

Other common claims or physical benefits of colon cleansing include removal of bodily parasites, clearer skin, a stronger immunity, reduced allergy symptoms and weight loss. As far as the mental health is concerned, some recipients claim that they felt less anxious and depressed post the enema colon cleansing session. But again, any positive changes felt can be attributed to the relieved colon and nerve endings in the anus, rather than any supposed detoxification.

Things you need to know before performing the enema

Before you start with your first enema session, there are a few things you must know. There are different types of enema equipment available in the market, but performing enema at home has potential risks attached to it if the steps are not performed properly. Make sure that you are able to understand the instructions mentioned on the enema kit. Also, avoid using enemas too often, as it may disrupt your natural bowel movement completely.

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