Coffee Enema- Benefits vs Side Effects

Coffee enema is an alternative treatment used to cleanse the colon. This process involves the introduction of freshly brewed organic coffee into the colon via the rectum. It is believed that coffee enema can help with detoxification and flush out potentially harmful toxins from our body.

Unlike colonics, enema does not involve a continuous flow of water into the colon and doesn’t even require you to go to a clinic or hospital to get it done. Enema is a one-time infusion of water in the body. The water/coffee solution is allowed to sit in the lower part of the colon for a stipulated time and then is released.

Coffee enemas are a lot of times administered by an alternative medicine practitioner. But a lot of people prefer to perform it at home by themselves.

Uses for coffee enemas

Coffee enemas are mainly used as a natural treatment for treating the following health issues:

• Constipation

• Chronic pain

• Fatigue

• Depression

• Yeast overgrowth

• Intestinal parasites

Along with that, coffee enemas are commonly used to increase energy levels, reduce stress, boost mood, promote sounder sleep and improve digestion. Coffee enema is also used as a treatment and/or prevention of cancer as a part of the Gerson therapy.

The common benefits of coffee enema

Even after the popularity of coffee enemas and their various health benefits, it hasn’t been explored much in scientific studies. In fact, the available data indicate that coffee enema may even fail to offer any significant health benefits at all.

A study suggests that coffee enemas can increase the level of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is a compound with antioxidant properties and is known to stimulate the excretion of bile. The supporters of coffee enema often mention the increased level of glutathione as a key factor responsible for its supposed detoxifying effects.

Side effects of coffee enema

But apart from helping with certain conditions, coffee enema may also lead some serious health complications such as dehydration, infections, colitis, salmonella, pleural, rectal burns, electrolyte imbalance, perforation of the intestinal walls, heart failure and even death.

Coffee enemas can be harmful to people suffering from certain conditions such as blood vessel disease, abdominal hernia, Crohn’s diseases, gastrointestinal cancer, congestive heart failure, intestinal tumors, hemorrhoid, heart disease, intestinal tumor and ulcerative colitis.

The risk increases even further if coffee enema is combined with fasting. In addition, coffee enema should not be performed by pregnant or nursing women, children and people who recently went through a rectal surgery.


Coffee enema does have some serious health drawbacks. But on the other hand, it also has some amazing health benefits as well. It is completely safe to perform coffee enemas if you are doing so under the complete guidance of your healthcare provider.

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