How Enemas Function and How to Use Them

What is enema?

As per those who favor the use of enema, it is a process used for getting rid of toxins and wastes from the colon. People who are healthy can eliminate the waste from their bodies without any help. But not everyone is the same. It is suggested that poor elimination of wastes and toxins may lead to various health issues, such as skin conditions, sinus issues, allergies, indigestion, bad breath, hemorrhoids, back pain, headache, depression and fatigue.

Enema for constipation

A lot of people purchase enema equipment to cure an occasional bout of constipation, which is a common problem and at some point, we all have to deal with it. If you visit a doctor he will either tell you eat more fibrous food items and drink lots of water, or will provide you some mild laxatives which offer only temporary relief. Once you have tried all this, he might suggest you a home enema to get the stuff in your colon moving and get rid of symptoms such as bloating and the discomfort which comes with it. It is suggested to contact your healthcare practitioner before performing it. He/she may offer you some additional tips and suggestions on how to perform the enema properly without harming yourself.

How does an enema work?

There are a lot of people who want to try an enema but they don’t know how to perform it. They are concerned about inserting an enema nozzle inside their body, or may also have other questions. Some are also concerned with the healthy gut bacteria would also get flushed out of the body along with the harmful bacteria. But as per a study, the average human colon houses trillions of good bacteria. So, even the enema session will not be able to disturb your gut flora.

If your doctor prescribes an at-home enema to treat your condition, make sure to follow it exactly as mentioned by him. He or she would recommend using a little petroleum jelly to lubricate the anus before inserting the enema nozzle. You will also be recommended to drink enough fluids before and after performing the enema.

How to use enema for various purposes?

The process of enema involves introducing a liquid, often salt water, mineral oil or laxative, via the anus to the large intestine. Along with treating constipation, an enema could be used to administer medicines or barium as well. An enema may also be used to empty the user’s bowel before going for a procedure such as colonoscopy.

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