Is Coffee Enema the Detox You Need

For those who are not familiar with the term enema, it is the age old act of injecting water or an enema solution in your colon using enema equipment. The liquid is then required to be held for a stipulated span of time and then released into the toilet. Enemas are very helpful to release constipation, detox or to improve the liver health.

The benefits coffee enema

Glutathione is a crucial antioxidant in the body which protects every single cell in the body. When you are sick, you want a lot of it in the body. Our body naturally prepares glutathione from three non-essential amino acids namely Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamine. These amino acids attach to the sulfur molecules which have the ability to cling on to the toxins, free radicals and toxic metals in our body for elimination. The palmitic acid in coffee enters the liver and encourage the production of Glutathione S Transferase, so when you go to the toilet all the toxins get stuck to the sulfur and come out of the body.

Coffee enema reduces detox reactions

When you start with a weight loss program or detoxification session, one of the first things which your experience is unwanted symptoms. Headaches, muscles aches, stomach pains, fuzzy brain, etc. are some of the common symptoms. This happens because the cells release toxins into our bloodstream and our liver finds it difficult to deal with this sudden onslaught. If your liver is already working at full capacity, then these toxins would eventually recirculate in the bloodstream only, making us feel terrible. Coffee enema helps take off the load of your liver and remove the toxins from the body before they get recirculated.

How coffee enema is different from other enemas

Regular water enemas are meant for your colon i.e. for relieving constipation. But when you add coffee to that bucket, it turns into a liver detoxifier. Every 3-4 minutes, your blood travels through the liver, where all the toxins, bacteria, etc. is pulled out from it and clean blood is moved along the appropriate paths. But if your liver is already full of toxins and then it is trying to catch more of them; it would fail to do so. Coffee enema has the ability to pull out these toxins from the liver and flush them out of the body. This takes the load off the liver and allows it to heal.

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