How to Perform High Enema

A high enema is slightly different from a regular enema. a regular enema is aimed to wash out fecal matter from the area near the rectum. A high enema, on the other hand, is used to clean most of the colon.

How to perform a high enema?

For a high enema, usually only distilled water is used. But if you think that plain water may cause you some irritation, you can add a little catnip or lobelia to the water. Lie back and ask someone to introduce the water solution slowly. The temperature of the water should be in between body and room temperature. If it is your first time performing high enema, allow the water to flow in slowly. While administering the solution, you will reach a point where you can’t take in any more solution. Stop at this point and try to hold the enema at this point for at least 5 minutes or up to 10-15 minutes. If you can’t hold it in for 15 minutes, evacuate as and when required and try again after relaxing for some time. As you keep on performing the enema, at one point you will easily be able to hold it for complete 15 minutes.

Once you have administered the solution, you can move ahead and roll over to your right side after a few minutes. Massage the left side of the front of your abdomen in an upward motion up to just below your ribcage. The massage helps with moving the solution up higher into the transverse colon to the ascending colon which is on the right side of your abdomen. As you keep on practicing, you will notice that your capacity to intake solution will increase. This procedure will become easier as you proceed to perform the procedure again and again, and will also get you more benefits when combined with a raw foods diet, juicing and cleanse programs.

Enemas can be very useful for various conditions. For example, a person who is severely dehydrated and can’t consume liquids by mouth can be given fluids via rectal rehydration. The same goes for treating high temperatures, which can also be very serious. Cool enemas can help bring down the temperature and provide instant relief.

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