Things you Need to Know before Trying a Colon Cleansing Enema

If you want to purge your colon of the accumulated waste fast and effectively, then enema is the perfect option for you. As compared to other nutrition based cleansing procedures, it goes right to the source- the colon.

An enema is basically a liquid, which is injected into the colon via the rectum. This is done using an enema equipment such as a rubber enema bag kit. Once the liquid is injected, it is held for the stipulated time, to allow the waste to loosen up and cleanse the colon of the accumulated fecal matter and toxins. It is then expelled into the toilet via the rectum.

How often should you perform an enema?


This procedure can be performed once or a few times, depending on your preference, to make sure your colon is clean. You can easily tell if you have cleansed the colon properly if the water expelled is fairly clean. Sometimes the solution only loosens the fecal matter, but it may take a few days to get it all out of the body. The enema solution used should always be warm, just around the body temperature. This step is important to ensure comfort; if the water is too hot or too cold, it may damage the sensitive tissues or cause cramping.

Herbs or other exotic ingredients could also be added to the enema solution to help the colon. These special ingredients can improve the process of cleansing and healing which cannot be achieved with a plain water enema.

Tips for performing enemas

Check if you are healthy enough to perform the procedure- If you have ulcers, obstruction or bleeding of the bowel, an enema could make things worse for you. Make sure to consult your doctor beforehand, if you have any such issues.

Use sterile equipment- Always clean your enema equipment thoroughly after every single use. It is recommended to use hot water and germicidal soaps to wash the equipment well.

Use distilled or filtered water- Use only clean filtered water to perform the enema. By any means, do not use tap water for performing the enema.

Keep yourself hydrated- Enemas can drain out a lot of electrolytes and water out of your body and thus it is important to keep yourself hydrated before and after performing the enema. Keep on sipping fresh fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water and even plain water throughout the day.

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