Understand Your Enema Bag Kit

One of the most important things to perform enema is a rubber enema bag kit or some other type of enema equipment. You are more likely to use a rubber enema bag or a stainless steel enema bucket to perform the enema.

1. Enema bag and bucket– The enema bag or bucket functions as a storage unit for the enema solution which is to be introduced into the colon. If you are performing a plain water enema, you need not retain the water for long and can evacuate it almost immediately. While you may have to retain a herbal or coffee enema for the stipulated time.

An enema bag or bucket should be placed at a place not higher than two feet from where you will be lying. You may place the bag/bucket on a towel hook or the doorknob. Placing in too high would make the solution flow too fast from the container to the colon, which may cause cramping.

2. Clamps- The main function of the clamp is to regulate the flow of the water/enema solution getting into your colon. The clamp should be placed at a place where it is easy to reach out when performing the enema.

3. Tubing- Silicone or plastic tube/hose is used to deliver the water from the enema bag to the colon. Just make sure that there are no holes or kink in the hose to ensure an uninterrupted flow.

4. Lubrication– Lubrication is important to avoid any discomfort or friction when inserting the tubing through the anal sphincter. You can select from oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, or water based lubricants.

5. Filtered or distilled water- You need 1 to 2 liters of water to perform a successful enema session, depending on how much water you can hold in. just make sure not to use tap water for the enema session. Once the water reaches room temperature, transfer it to the enema bag or bucket.

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