Common Enema Myths Busted

There have always been debates about deciding whether enemas are life-savers or just a hyped up procedure. Well, if you ask me then enemas are a rather hyped up procedure. It does help in treating constipation and symptoms related to it but the additional claims made are yet to be proven. There are a lot of myths associated with enema and today I am going to debunk some of them for you.

1. Cleansing pulls out the toxins out of the blood- The two major organs which are responsible for neutralizing the toxins are liver and kidneys. Until and unless the kidneys and liver are working well, the body does not require an external cleanse. The human body is made in such a way that it is well equipped with its own mechanisms to deal with toxins without the need of any external factors such as an enema.

2. Enema helps in washing away the accumulated waste from the lining of the colon- People who love enemas often suggest that stool may stick to the wall of colon thus leading to the accumulation of the same which then leads to various health-related issues such as bloating, fatigue, achy joints, depression, etc. But in reality, the cells that form the intestinal linings are shed every 72 hours which means that the stools cannot remain stuck to the intestinal walls. Hence, there is no need to perform an enema.

3. It strengthens the immune system- There are only two ways of improving your immunity and that is by staying healthy and by reducing stress. Thus this claim of immunity-boosting with enema seems rather odd. It is hard to explain how a colon cleansing trick can improve the white blood cell count, tissues, proteins and organs and improve the overall immunity.

4. It helps you lose weight- Such cleansing regimes help in inducing diarrhea and may cause you to pee more often and that’s it. You may lose weight with these techniques but the weight loss because of these techniques is just water weight loss because of these techniques is just water weight, which means it will come back eventually.

5. It improves your skin- People who swear by colon cleansing suggest that post cleansing the skin looks smooth and radiant since the colon will work better after the cleanse which means that the body will get rid of the toxins via the colon and not the skin. But in reality, there are no scientific theories to prove the same.

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