Do Enemas have Side Effects?

If performed under the guidance of a medical practitioner, enemas are not really harmful. But even after that, you should be aware that there may occur some problems. There have been studies to prove that there are several complications and risks associated with it. It has been found that enemas could be helpful when preparing for a medical examination of your colon. This means if you really want to perform an enema, you should perform it with utmost caution. There are real risks associated with enemas if used regularly on a daily basis.

Electrolyte imbalance- The liquid used for performing enema should be hypertonic which means it should be saltier than the body fluids. If you use a solution which is too salty, it may lead to dehydration. A hypotonic solution works to draw the water from the body and the colon into the fecal matter, which allows it to smoothly move out of the body. This situation can be counteracted by drinking ample amount of fluids before as well as after performing the enema.

Disrupting your gut flora- Each time you flush feces out of your body, your gut microbiota get disrupted. A majority of the time, the gut flora doesn’t take much longer to get recovered after using an enema, but frequent enema may lead to more serious complications, including infections. A healthy gut microbiota has been associated with mental wellness and overall mental health.

Enema dependency- If you start using enemas to clean your gut on a regular basis, then this may lead to dependency, which is not good for the body. Regular enemas may cause a physical dependency on the gastrointestinal system or create a mental need for them. This is why enemas are not the best solution for regular constipation. What actually can help is a healthy diet, massage, exercise, and supplements, instead of enemas.

Infections- If you are getting the enema/colonics done at spas, there are chances of using a used up equipment. If the equipment is not cleaned up and sterilized properly, you may easily get an infection. Something like this may even happen when using a reusable enema bag kit at home too. It is important to sterilize the equipment properly each time after using it. The best way to clean the equipment is by using a solution of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and water or you can also use a solution of soap and hot water.

Intestinal damage- Another serious issue which may occur with regular use of enemas is the perforation of the intestinal wall. But it is more common with colonics as compared to enemas. Having punctures in your intestines can also increase the chances of getting infections.

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