Amazing Benefits of Using Castor Oil Enema

Castor oil is a common natural ingredient used for various hair and beauty treatments and has amazing therapeutic value. Another not so common, but effective use of castor oil is as a laxative to treat constipation. Consuming a tablespoon or two of castor oil for easing constipation is a common remedy; though doctor’s discretion is necessary. Another way of using castor oil for treating constipation is by performing a castor oil enema. Below we have mentioned how to perform castor oil enema at home to ease constipation in just a few simple steps.

Why castor oil helps in easing constipation?

The reason why castor works perfectly for easing constipation is that castor is made of 90% ricinoleic acid which is a fatty acid. This fatty acid attaches itself to the muscle cells of the intestinal walls and stimulates peristaltic movement. This peristaltic movement of the colon pushes the accumulated bowel out of the colon.

Benefits of castor oil enema                                                  

A castor oil enema has the following benefits:

• Lubricates the rectum and the colon

• Prepared the colon for high volume enemas

• Relieves bloating and gas

• Eases out constipation

• Softens the hard stools

• Reduces other symptoms which are a result of excess Vata dosha

Administering castor oil as an enema


• Warm castor oil- 2 tablespoons

• Warm water- 90-100 ml

• Enema kit

• Vaseline


1. There are a bunch of different types of enema kits available in the market such as rubber enema bag kits and stainless steel enema kit. But the ideal type of enema tool for performing a castor oil enema is an enema bulb syringe.

2. A castor oil enema is recommended to be performed on a full stomach, probably after having lunch. This is because during this time the body’s ability to absorb nutrients is very high.

3. Add the water and castor oil in a bowl and mix it really well. Once it is mixed well, transfer the concoction to the enema bulb.

4. You can choose the place where you want to perform the enema; which can either be your bedroom or bathroom. Spread a big towel on the floor so that you can lie down on it and use another one to put under your head.

5. Lubricate the enema bulb nozzle and the rectum area with some kind of lubricant such as petroleum jelly to make the process more comfortable.

6. Lie down on your left side with your right knee bent. Take the enema bulb and slowly insert the enema nozzle into your rectum.

7. Squeeze the contents in and slowly remove the nozzle.

8. Try to retain the castor oil for 12-15 minutes and then go to the toilet and evacuate the contents.

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