At-Home Enema- Benefits

The main purpose of the enema is to cleanse the body of any accumulated harmful toxins. This deep cleanse helps get rid of the fecal matter from the body to prevent constipation and at the same time get rid of the toxins stuck in the body. While an enema session does help with getting rid of the accumulated fecal matter, the claim of toxin flushing is yet to be proved.

Another common benefit of enema is that it helps with relieving the nervous system, which may have become burdened due to constipation. Along with that, it is also claimed that enemas help with treating cancer. But this claim too is not medically proven.

Benefits of enema other than colon cleansing

Apart from colon cleansing, other common benefits of enema include getting rid of bodily parasites along with toxins, clearer skin, improved immunity, weight loss and reduced allergy symptoms. As far as mental health benefits are concerned, enema recipients often claim to be less anxious and depressed. But again, all these changes in your mental health can be attributed to the relieving of constipation rather than detoxification.

It can be said that enemas may help in improving the emotional state of an individual, but reasons for the same are probably not the ones assumed.

Things you need to know before performing an enema

There are a variety of enema kits available over the counter. But at-home enemas may prove harmful if not performed cautiously. Make sure that the instructions mentioned on the at-home enema kit are read and understood properly before performing the enema. Performing enemas too often may disturb the natural bowel cycle of the body, thus one should avoid performing enema too frequently.

There is a lot of disagreement among people regarding the use of enema for cleansing the colon; whether enemas are required, given that regular bowel movements are enough to get rid of toxins along with the fecal matter from the body. Some doctor debate that the human body is perfectly capable of flushing out any toxins present in the colon. The food in the colon gets detoxified by the bacteria present, the liver filters and destroys the toxins and the colon sloughs off the dead skin cells regularly to avoid any toxic congestion.

If you are not sure about performing the enema on your own, it is better to get it performed by a professional. So, if you can afford it and you have the permission from your physician to perform it, you can get it done from a licensed professional. But keep in mind the side effects such as nausea, dehydration, allergic reaction and cramps. People suffering from conditions such as ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, and Crohn’s disease should avoid performing enemas completely.

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