Super Enema –Colonic Irrigation

Colonic hygiene is of great importance for the vitality and overall well being of a human body. This is the reason why fasting in once a while is so important for maintaining optimal health and preventing diseases. This is the reason why colonic irrigation and enemas are a perfect therapy which more and more people are using today to assist body cleansing.

Both colonics and enemas are used to detoxify the colon. The benefits one can get from both the procedures vary depending on the degree of procedure you decide to get done. The two procedures are completely different both in terms of the procedure and the improvement you see in your body. Our colon is around five-feet long, and if you are looking for a procedure to cleanse all of it in one go, then you should go for colonic irrigation. In colonic irrigation, a special equipment and oxygen are used to give your colon a special internal bath.

In order to get the colonic done, you need to lie down on a board which is around three-feet lower than the temperature controlled water flow. The practitioner starts by inserting a speculum into your rectum. The water is allowed to flow in through a small water tube. You are not going to experience any discomfort or internal pressure during the procedure or when the colonic is getting evacuated through the colon. Unlike enema, you don’t require an enema kit or other enema supplies. Also, you are not required to retain the water during a colonic. The practitioner massages your abdomen while the water flows into your colon. This helps in releasing the contents much easily, retain the natural shape of the colon and normalize the peristaltic wave action. You can also see the contents from your colon coming out from your body via the view tube. All you need to do is just lie back and relax.

A colonic irrigation uses around 40 gallons of water and takes around 45-minutes long procedure. A colonic is not at all painful. After getting a colonic, most people experience an instant sense of lightness, improved energy and a sense of well being. It also improves skin condition, digestion, and the immune response. Bad breath and body odor also disappear.

The best time to get a colonic done is in the evening so that you have time to relax after getting the procedure done.

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