Enema Dangers vs. Enema Benefits

Enema is one of the most popular and effective procedure for easing constipation and to provide a through cleanse to your colon. But just like any other procedure it has its pros and cons. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits as well as common dangers related to enema.
1. Inserting alien object in the anus may lead to anal tearing- Such accidents are avoidable with proper care and precaution. The anus and the nozzle should be lubricated properly before inserting it into your anus to avoid any discomfort or mishaps.
2. Enema solutions with additives do not have any superior effect as compared to the normal saline solution enema- There is no conclusive evidence to prove if there is a difference between the effects achieved through a normal saline solution enema and the results acquired through an enema solution with additives. There are people who prefer using saline solutions for enema. While there are others who like to use additives such as coffee in their enema solution.
3. Re-usable enema kits may cause an infection- It may happen but the chances of this can be minimized by sanitizing the enema equipment thoroughly after every single use.
4. Frequent enemas may lead to dehydration- Most of the people do not consume the required amount of water on a daily basis anyway. But when you are performing enemas make sure to drink more water as you will be losing a lot of water during the procedure.
5. Using a coffee enema too often may lead to electrolyte imbalance- Electrolytes are crucial for the normal functioning of the body. But we keep losing them through all sorts of discharges such as urination, sweating and bowel movement. To replace the electrolytes you can consume a drink such as coconut water which is full of electrolytes or you can eat a sea-salt snack. Even if you ignore doing all this, our kidneys naturally do a very decent job at maintaining the optimal level of electrolytes in the body.
6. Using hot liquid in the rectum may lead to internal burns- Just as you check the temperature of your tea or coffee before drinking it so that you don’t burn yourself, make sure to do the same with your enema solution as well. Before administering the enema, check the temperature of the enema solution to make sure it is just warm and not hot to touch.

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