Enema Tips and Guidelines You Should Follow

If you want to perform an enema at home and it is your first time trying it out, then there are some important guidelines and tips that you must follow for a smoother and comfortable enema experience.

• Selecting the correct enema equipment– In order to have the perfect enema experience, you must select the correct enema equipment. The most popular enema equipment is the rubber enema bag kit and the stainless steel can.

• Choose the ingredients you would like to add to your enema solution. This is the point where you need to spend some extra time and think a little. Enema is a popular procedure and there are a number of enema solutions that you can choose from. The most popular ones being lemon, coffee and herbal.

• Before you get started with the enema session, there are a lot of other things you need to take care of. Make sure you got all the other necessary preparations done.

->> Location- If you are performing the enema for the first time, you should know that things may get very messy. Also, make sure that you are alone when performing the procedure or you are doing it in a space where no one can disturb or see you.

->> Position- Most physicians who perform enema or enema experts recommend lying on your right side with both your legs curled up to your abdomen. This is one of the best positions as it opens up the rectum for an easier access.

->> Condition- Make sure not to use tap water no matter what. Always use filtered warm water for performing your enema session.

• Do not stress or think much about the whole procedure. If you want to experience all the benefits of your enema session, make sure to just sit and relax and refrain yourself from over-thinking. There are some people who think about the whole situation too much and end up not enjoying the process at all.

• Allow the enema solution to gently enter your body. Once all the solution has been administered, hold the solution for as long as you can. The recommended time for most enema session varies from 5-12 minutes. After the stipulated time, you can go to the toilet and release the solution in the toilet.

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