Enema Bulb Syringe Red

US$ 9.00
  • Perfect tool for a quick enema or douche.
  • Designed using natural and eco-friendly, durable rubber.
  • Syringe tip crafted from soft plastic.
  • Color- Red.
  • Packed safely.
  • Made in India.
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When compared to enema bag kit or enema can kit, enema bulb syringe is a much simpler option for performing an enema. Unlike all the different components you get in an enema kit, the enema bulb syringe basically consists of just two parts, i.e. the bulb and the syringe. Our enema bulb syringe is crafted from natural rubber latex which is a much more eco-friendly material as compared to the synthetic rubber. The syringe tip is crafted from soft plastic and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort while performing the enema. The enema bulb syringe is easy to clean and perfectly safe to use.