Enema Pinch Clamp For Enema Tubes

US$ 1.95
  • Made of polypropylene.
  • Simple but sturdy design for easy handling.
  • Robust body.
  • Compatible with enema hose with an outer diameter of 10mm or less.
  • Color- White
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An enema pinch clamp is very important for administering an enema properly. The pinch clamp helps in regulating the flow of the solution. If the solution is allowed to enter the colon too fast, it may lead to cramping and if allowed to get in on a very slow speed it may take a lot of time. You need to avoid both the situations and allow the enema to enter the body at a constant speed. Our molded polypropylene pinch clamp regulates the flow of enema perfectly. Our pinch clamp fits easily onto the tubes with a diameter ranging from 5.5 mm to 10 mm. It gives you five levels of flow which you can easily manage with the click shut lock.