Privacy Policy

Privacy of your data is of utmost importance for Shop Enema. Whatever information you share with us like email, contact number, mailing address, name etc. is safe with us. The purpose of sharing the policy is to let you know what we use your data for. Thus you will have the option of reviewing the policy and opting out if you are not comfortable. The policy applies to our customers all over the world.

We do not share your information with marketing companies and always ask permission for sending mailers with offers. We strictly follow the policy of not making marketing calls on your telephone.

Information we collect from you

When you buy a product from our website we ask for information such as name, email, contact number and billing address. Our servers contain this information only till you want it. The choice to share the information is entirely yours. However, if you want to purchase an item you would have to share the information which is used as per the company policy. Some mailers are automated and will reach your inbox when you purchase. There is an option of receiving further communication or opting out.

Browsing the website does not require revealing your contact information. We track the domain for analysis purposes only, and you can remain incognito till you purchase a product. The information collected for billing purposes is shared with the payment gateway service provider only. We disclose your information to a third party only when it is legally required. Your information is totally safe with us.

Updating of Data

We will communicate only when you want it. If you want to be away from direct marketing you can contact us. The information provided will be used for you request only. If you want to stop receiving mailers after opting for receiving them, then it may take up to 10 business days to process the request.

Children Protection

Shop Enema does not allow children under the age of 13 to register with us. However, we cannot determine the age online and parents are requested to participate in the online activities of their children.

Cookie policy

We use cookies for tracking your buying behaviour. This is for making your buying experience better when you visit us the next time. You will always get a pop up reminding that we are storing cookies on your hard drive.

Changes in Policy

Any changes in the policies will be posted on the website and communicated by email also. The changes are effective on the date mentioned and any dispute prior to that is as per the old policy. The revised policy is applicable to all our customers that include current and past users. Your consent is taken every time we change some inconsistency in our policy.